Monday, June 8, 2015

The Color Game, 2015 Style

True confession: I was a weird kid. Most would argue I'm still a little weird, but these days we can attribute it to the latent creative streak I never knew was there as a kid that has come out in my passion for creating with fabric. And also just to me being a dork. That's cool. The most interesting people in the world aren't only those who drink Dos Equis, they are also the makers and artists and I'm so happy my weirdness morphed into a member of that club.

But back to 1979 weird for a moment, I bring you The Color Game, which my friend Keri and I played to excess every time we got together. We'd pick a color, grab a pen and paper each, and go all through the house, writing down every single thing we found in each room that was that color, and then compare notes and see who had the most items. Now and then there was a heated discussion regarding chartreuse vs lime or tangerine vs peach, but overall it was all good clean fun.

You want to party with us, don't you? 
This weekend, Bari J posted a challenge on her IG feed called #BariJColor. Or maybe it's not a challenge, just a hashtag. I have no idea. I really am not a big IG user, but I heard about it in one of my designers groups, and I loved her photo of her pink-spiration board.

 She challenged us all to participate, drawing inspiration from the colors around us in every day life any way we wanted to, which is of course something quilters are pretty adept at doing, but it never loses its fun. I was drawn to her collage because it reminded me so much of the Color Game circa 1979, so I grabbed the closest pretty thing I could find, in my case a bottle of dark periwinkle nail polish Paige had been using without permission in the living room, and took off to the far corners of the house to find inspiring objects d'art.

So what inspired me? Clockwise from top left:

Binding tools, stack of 8: I just got these in a Checker order, and last time I ordered them they were clear. This time they were blue, and when placed in a stack were almost the same color as the nail polish.

Eva's Converse Sneaker: I have no clue what she is wearing at school today as she wears these daily, just like every other 12 year old girl. She's very proud that she's the only one in 6th grade with periwinkle Converse, so don't you wish you knew her bad self?

Spiller flower taken from container pot: Much like being cool before my time and inventing The Color Game at age 9, I also was doing the whole "Thriller/Filler/Spiller" thing with my container pots before it was a thing with a name. I have no idea what these flowers are, but apparently the gardening world would call them a spiller. I just call them pretty.

Granite necklace weighing 25 tons: I love this necklace and wear it often. It even showed up in one of my very first blog posts. It's a hunk of blue granite, weighs a ton, and gets me comments and compliments every time I wear it.

Binding leftover on spool: A couple of blog posts ago we touched upon my penchant for rolling the leftover bindings I always end up with because I make my bindings 46 feet long on an empty thread spool. Here's one I freed from the mason jar where all the binding leftovers live.

Polka dot fabrics: One I bought early this year, one I just bought on Friday. The year of the polka dot continues.

Clover iron on jewels: I love these things for little bursts of sparkle when I don't feel like getting my Jewel - it out. Yes, you read that right. There are times I don't feel like getting the Jewel - it out.

Threads of all shapes and sizes: We've got an Aurifil 12 weight, a Kreinik metallic braid, a King Tut variegated, and a Wonderfil spaghetti. I don't know when I became a thread snob. However it happened, and I embrace it.

And right in the middle is the nail polish that started it all, just by being left on the coffee table.

Thank you, BariJ, for a fun little Monday morning activity to get the creative juices flowing for the week!

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Jeneta said...

You are as hilarious as ever Beth!!

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