Thursday, January 6, 2011

Resolutions Schmezolutions

By this point in the year, ie the end of the first week, we're all sick of eating nothing but carrots while we demonstrate Herculian acts of patience with our spouses and children and smile more and balance our checkbooks.

I personally don't make resolutions per se. I found out long ago that for me it works better to have smaller, more doable goals than a resolution for the year hanging over my head. In living the dual life that I do, I try to set one personal goal for the month and two or three EPQD goals for each month. Baby steps is what it is all about for me. For January, I have set "Clean the linen closet" as my personal goal. Doesn't that just sound delightful? I hope to find the long lost travel pillows and maybe some extra rolls of paper towel. Score! Quilting resolutions are always a lot more fun to make. It seems this time of year a lot of my friends like to set the resolution of "use up more stash/buy less fabric/patterns/tools" which as a totally cheap person I applaud on the surface, but as a part of the quilting industry I am thrilled to see normally fall by the wayside come March or so. Stay tuned to find out some of the goals I have ready to go for January and February as far as EPQD is concerned. I'm loving some of my new projects and I hope you will as well. Even if they do mean having to buy a new pattern.

One goal I had to set was to update my calendars both here on the blog and also on my website with all my current bookings and other important dates. I did manage it here on the blog, but will have to locate my Moveable Type password to get the website current. Maybe "get studio organized" really should be a resolution for 2011, but I do work better in controlled chaos. So anyway, half of the goal is accomplished, and feel free to check out the schedule for 2011 and see if I will be in your area! And if not, go ahead and ask. I might just say yes. Then your resolution of "Meet this Quilting Hottie in person" can finally come true.

So did you make any resolutions or goals for the month or year, quilting or otherwise? Tell me about them. Maybe you will inspire me!

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