Thursday, January 20, 2011

Believe it or not, I still prefer winter over summer

No, hotties, I have not fallen off the face of the earth. I've just been a victim of January....stomach bugs, too many snowdays, and several scheduled days off of school (just what they need) that all combine to make this month just a little midyear reminder of how the end of June and my next stint of playing Julie McCoy 24/7 is really just right around the corner. I know it's been a tough winter all over the country, so I imagine many moms out there understand thoroughly. Add in that my 8 year olds have never bought into the half birthday party idea, which would allow me to put it off til June, so that planning takes up some time this month, and I have not only not been blogging like I should but I also haven't been able to meet my goals for designing this month. So irritated. But my children are awfully cute, or so I tell myself as I am listening to Mylie Cyrus blare from the family room. And no matter what, I still really strive to do my 20 minutes minimum of sewing a day. Unfortunately, lately some of that has been sewing 16 fleece scarves as birthday party favors. But thankfully some has not.

In any case, just wanted to update you that a. I am not dead and b. I have a really fun new project coming up that you just might want to take part in. Stay's my hope that I will be able to post the details by Monday at the latest. Stay tuned! Stay warm! Stay sane!


Jeanne said...

Oh the joys of mothering ! I remember those days w/love and affection (not) ! Grandmothering is waaaaaay better - So, dear Beth, know the future is brighter - see, even the sun is shining today !

Anonymous said...

The scarves sound like a great party favor- I'll bet the kids (and moms!) loved them!


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