Monday, August 1, 2016

Maggie's First Dance BOM #3

We're back! And guess who is not only your blogger of the moment today, but also the prize sponsor this month? OMG......IT'S ME! And my Mod-ified Trees kit! 

 So crazy, right? And here you all thought I was just hanging out behind the scenes, putting together my blocks and blogging wittily about the process. But as with all of us, in reality I'm so much more. This post should prove that by the end!

Let's get started on Block #3!

As you can see, mine continues in that blue/yellow/purple/green scrappy theme, and this time adds a touch of whimsy in the form of "I threw this thing together the night before I left for 10 days in Vancouver and Alaska and I didn't even bother to trim it before snapping the photo." But you get the idea. It's (basically) done and awaits only some machine applique thread work and trimming.

I'm going to show you in a second how I went about using the Transdoodle by Mistyfuse with my applique pieces because it might just be my most favorite new notion, but first let's point one thing out....remember my fancy little tip last month about flipping your fabric over and using the "wrong" side if it is just a little "too"? Well, this month my grey fabric was just a little too dark and features that little trick..and if you compare the photo above of the pieced grey pieces with the photo below of the grey piece I used for applique, you can totally see it. It's like two fabrics in one! Who wouldn't love that?

But yeah, on to the Transdoodle! Mistyfuse Iris is one of my sponsors for my Teal Mini Swap (more below) and in addition to sponsoring a blog giveaway, she also was kind enough to throw a Transdoodle in for me because I said I was a little bit fascinated with the idea of it. And then I used it for this block and man, I'm even  more so! It's a packet of tracing papers of different colors and tones (dark to light) with a powdery substance (not anthrax) (I'm assuming) on one side which you use to trace your applique shapes onto your fabrics prepared with Mistyfuse. No more #2 pencils and parchment! 

So here's what you do. First, rough cut your applique pieces (NOT THE SHAPES!) and fit them together as best you can on a piece of Mistyfuse. I used one about 10" square(ish).

It works much better if you can place the Mistyfuse on parchment first, but it is hard to see the Mistyfuse in the photo when I did that. So here's what it really looks like. I promise the Mistyfuse is there.

Then you are going to want to put a second layer of parchment over the top of the whole thing and press well. The Mistyfuse just kind of melts right into the fabric.

You can either cut your pieces apart once they are all fused, or just leave them together. I opted to leave them together and just line up my shapes with the fabrics I was going to use for them, but either way will work. Do what works best for you.

 To transfer the markings, I layered the Transdoodle sheet (I'm using white here, since I started with the flower, which is a dark color) on top of the WRONG SIDE of the fabric (ie the Mistyfuse side)
 Then all you have to do is trace with some sort of sharpish/bluntish object that won't make a mark, like a hera tool, a dry ballpoint pen, or raid the "weird tools" slot of your notions box and grab the kabob stick you use for turning tubes. That's what I used.
 I of course forgot to take a photo of the flower, but here you can see how the leaf shape turned out when I used the Transdoodle. Pretty cool, huh? Then all you have to do is cut it out and place it!

 Thanks Jacquelynne for another lovely little flower block.

Along with Maggie's BOM, I'd like to take a moment to talk about my current project, one that Jacquelynne was kind enough to help me out with by being a blogger and giveaway spot herself last week - My annual Teal Mini Swap. It's a mini swap (natch) and fundraiser for Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, and I'm running it for the fifth year to coincide with September being Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

Each year, I've been blessed to have quilters come together from all over the USA to join me in this event. Participants pay $15 to register, $10 of which is donated to Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. The rest goes to my expenses, which thanks to the USPS are not insubstantial. Why OCRF? Simply put, they are leading the way in both research and awareness for this deadly horrible disease, and have been doing so ever since my mom was first in treatment 16 years ago. Even 14 years after her death I still receive their newsletters and am amazed by the advances, most of which might have kept her alive long enough to meet her first grandchildren in 2002 had they been available then....but it's still never enough. I don't want more women to be affected. I don't want quilters to have this disease happen to them. I can't prevent it, but I can use my  internet presence to make a difference each year. To date, my fundraiser has raised over 7000 dollars (including this year's registrations so far) for OCRF. Sure, it's not millions. But it's a start.

This year's fabric sponsor (I'm big enough for a fabric sponsor, anyway! Woo Hoo!) is Moda, and swappers all receive a piece of this fabric, modeled by me, to be used in the mini they will make for their partner.

 Registration began last week, and will continue until August 29. We've already got participants from 44 states and I'd love to turn the whole map teal!

Here's a few of the cool minis swappers received last year. You can see even more by scrolling through our Teal Mini Swap Facebook group. The talent in this group amazes me more every year.

Jacquelynne was lovely to help me out with the kickoff, so please check out her blog too! She just might inspire you. And if you want to register to join the swap, I certainly won't stop you! Let's kick ovarian cancer to the curb and run it over with the car for good measure.

But now back to this month's BOM giveaway, my cute little Mod-ified Trees kit. This silly little pattern is way fun to whip together and takes just an afternoon - FOR REAL! It's almost as much fun to pick out the fabrics, so I love putting together the kits!

It's even a really great pattern when done in country colors, like one customer made!
To enter to win the kit, please leave me a comment telling me if you like the color teal, or if you think teal is the color of gangrene. Or both. I suppose they don't necessarily have to be mutually exclusive options! If you don't like teal, do tell me a color or palette you prefer to use instead when you create. We all have our favorites!

Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to Block #4 with you!


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Cecilia said...

I like teal! It is one of my favorite colors. Thanks for the chance to win your cute kit.

Gena Watters said...

I love teal, and all the jewel colors!

Rhonda Laddusire said...

Love it!!

Becky McCoy said...

Teal is a wonderful wonderful color. I used it as one of my wedding colors 41+ years ago. It is timeless!

77annie said...

Love teal. My next quilt is going to be teal and brown. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

Alison Nevin said...

Teal is one of my favorite colors!! Alison

Alison Nevin said...

Teal is one of my favorite colors!! Alison

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
grandsan6 said...

Teal is a colour that adds so much richness to the colour palate. Whilst I am a purple girl myself, teal works well with so many other colours including purple, one only has to look at a peacock's tale to see that.
It is actually one of my mum's favourite colours.

Melissa Boyd said...

I love the teal color. A while back I went on a spree of making a lot out of teal. lol now I'm on purple. Ha ha ha.

Bonnie Thiem said...

I have all the patterns ready to start. I've been getting ready for our church Craft Fair which was this past weekend. Now I can start catching up on other things.

Jeanann Montney said...

I love the teal and would NEVER compare it the gangrene!

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