Monday, October 5, 2015

Teal Mini Swap Blog Hop

The third annual Teal Mini Swap (formerly Two for Teal mug rug swap) is in the books, and I could not be happier with how it all went. This year's event more than doubled participation from last year and raised $2000 for Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, as well as raising awareness of ovarian cancer as the silent killer of far too many women (and quilters in their prime!) that it is. We had participants from all but four states, and next year I WILL shame Hawaii, North and South Dakota, and West Virginia into participation if it kills me! The Teal Mini Swap 2015 FB page is a riot of reveals this week as everyone is receiving their minis, and the comeraderie has been amazing.

I was thrilled to receive this fantastic mini from my partner, Gina Tell of TX. Gina and I are like Sistahs from Another Mistahs in so many ways, and this mini, which she made in honor of her grandma who lost her life to ovarian cancer several years ago, is just gorgeous. I am completely honored to have it in my home to remind me daily of the women we have loved and lost. I absolutely love it.

It's just so beautiful. The kites are 3" blocks. She's way better than me.

Close up of the stunningness.

I made Gina a (rather cool, if I do say) little appliqued number using Sue Pelland Designs' "Hearts and More" templates to easily cut some teardrops from scrappy teals. It may not surprise you I have a few of those. As usual, I didn't know where this design was going exactly until I was done, but man do I love it. Sometimes I amaze me.

A collage was in order, I thought.
I was also lucky enough to receive an extra mini gift from my friend Barbara Gifford, whom I guess figured all my planning and organization was good enough to merit a little thank you gift. It is flipping amazing. It was completely unnecessary of her to make me a thank you gift, but man I love this one too.

Better Barbara than me with all the little squares, and they are SO PERFECT!

We decided a celebration of all the creativity in the form of a blog hop was in order. There was just so much teal-flavored awareness and beauty with these minis and we don't want to keep them for ourselves. Please join us October 12-16, 2015 as we show them off and try to convince you to join in next year - we're looking at you, Dakotas, Hawaii, and West Virginia!

October 12 - Twelo Quilting and One Quilting Circle
October 13 - Susan Brehm and Books Hooks Sticks Etc
October 14 - Teachpany and Bobbin's Lullaby
October 15 - Splitting Stitches and Purple Leaf Quilts
October 16 - Blue Ribbon Sewing and Quilt Art by Megan

While it will be another 9 months before I start ramping up for Teal Mini Swap 2016, I really hope you won't miss out next year. Go right ahead and join the swap facebook page, stay informed by making sure you are a member of my EPQD business page, follow this blog regularly, and/or join my newsletter. That way you won't miss out on all the fun, awareness, and virtual group hugs and high fives next year, AND you'll get to see what else I might have in store for you.

During the hop, I will donate 30% of any pattern purchases from my online shop which feature teal fabrics in the cover quilt to OCRF. This includes almost all of them, because I happen to love teal: Crystallize, Garden's Gate, Greta's Kaleidoscope, Happy Jacks, Harlequin Shake, Hexies a la Mode, Kickin' Stash, Syncopated Ribbons, and Modified Trees. Just because it's October now doesn't mean awareness for ovarian cancer or donations to the cause should be over!

I'm blessed to be in a position to create some awareness among a female-driven hobby, and I hope each year will just get better and better!


Gina Tell said...

Thank you for all your hard work, Beth! You did an outstanding job with everything! I had an absolute blast being involved, and loved being a part of such a positive Facebook group! I cant wait until next year!
P.S. I LOVE my mini you made me! It's in my sewing room and I smile at it all the time :)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Beth,
I'm so sorry that two many other projects got in the way of my participating this year. I love your comment about oc awareness just because it's October. Maybe next year you could ask OCRF to put something in their newsletter so you can reach those last 4 states. Maybe you could also ask Quiltmaker to do something on their blog for next Sept. Either your challenge or a teal one of their own. That would be awesome.
Diane, your teal friend (and 22 year survivor)

BBQuilts said...

I am glad that you like your extra mini. Knowing what your private life has been this past year, I thought that you deserved a little extra thank you.

Grandma said...

A wonderful event, congratulations.

Joanne Lendaro said...

Great post!! Thanks for organizing the swap, my partner got totally cheated! She was fabulous! See me on Thursday!

Nann said...

It looks as though you made a maxi impact with your mini quilt swap! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

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