Thursday, April 25, 2013

Awareness Bribery and FB giveaway

May 8, 2013 is the first annual "World Ovarian Cancer Day", and I've spent several weeks trying to figure out a way EPQD could take part. What with all the pre-Market craziness of the last few months, many of the bigger ideas I had, like a blog party with official buttons and linkies, or a swap party, or some such thing that would take way more time and energy than I currently have, have had to be put on hold until next time. So we are falling back to the quickest and easiest event - a giveaway including bribery leading to a donation. Awesome.

 Whatever it takes, though, to make you hotties aware. As many of you know, my mom died of PPOC 11 years ago. She was 59 and in the prime of early retirement, which is exactly when it strikes the majority of women. That's really close to the average age of quilters, huh? Scary for many reasons, but let's add in all those prime quilting years taken away and it becomes even sadder. So please, if you do nothing more this month, check out the WOCD site (the graphic under Fact 2 of "Five Facts...." is particularly telling as to the deadliness of this disease) and make yourselves aware. I can't afford to lose my peeps!

So here's the giveaway and the deal.

Yes, that does say "Modern Family" on the polish. The color is "Candid Cameron." "I'll Phil for You" is also lovely, but didn't work for this giveaway.
This is a giveaway confined to my FB page. It is where I wax poetic M-F in a quick "Morning Meeting/Morning Tea Break" sort of way by sharing something silly, interesting, or hopefully inspiring, and finding out what you are up to as well. I love the community I have built there and I hope if you are not a member, you might consider joining. If not, I totally understand as FB is not for everyone, and I am thrilled you are part of the QHH community.

Between now and May 8 share the top post or become a new liker on the page and you are entered.  I'll also be donating $1 to Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (up to $100 - I can dream) for every new FB liker between now and May 8. Honestly, I will be thrilled to give them $1, as every little bit helps.

 But most importantly, become aware. I don't just want you for the numbers, I want you for your spirit, advice, inspiration, and community, and I won't let this disease have you!

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Nita said...

Hi, I have not had ovarian cancer touch me through family or friends, but I my mother and a friend of mine had cervical cancer and an aunt had breast cancer. We all need to get a pap smear every two years and be mindful of our health. Thanks for the reminder to us all. I am a new follower on face book (but not because of the give away, because I like you for real) lol! Nita

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