Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Our newest Christmas tree farmer is......

Amy Lindsay! Woo hoo, Amy! Get out the shovel and hoe, plant some trees, and I'll be along with Mr. QH and the axe in about 15 years.

Amy has won the lovely funky tree kit and pattern, so an easier way for her to plant the trees would be with fabric, and I am sure she'll do a lovely job.

I must thank those of you who entered the giveaway, and a special shout out to those who gave me some suggestions about my way blue log cabin and how to deblueify it a bit. I do like Kirsty's suggestion of a red border. I had not been thinking of leaning toward patriotic, but what the heck, maybe that is what it needs. Kyle is thinking kind of how I was - adding some dimension or something inside of the white part might work for me. Kelli does indeed get negative entries for suggesting a new layout when it is already put together. She can expect it mailed to her along with a seam ripper if we go that route, which is unlikely. Barbara and Angie bucked the "K-train" with their first names and had opposite ideas of what I could do, one telling me to add white, one telling me to splash it up with color. I love all the suggestions and I can't wait to see what I decide to do with it.

After it sits in the UFO pile for the requisite 16 months.

And why I care so much I don't really know. Eventually it is going to my cottage, where it will be pooped on by mice all summer long.

So Amy, come see me in Manchester - booth #29. I'll stick your prize into your hot little hands!

1 comment:

A.G. Lindsay said...

Yay! Thanks. I'll see you at QG, AND I'll be sporting my lovely "quilting hottie" pin.

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