Sunday, October 7, 2012

I Love Me a Challenge

I missed my guild meeting last week since I'm just so popular that I had to share myself with another guild, and thus missed the official announcement about the 2012-13 challenge. Which I am totally digging.

Quilted calendar. Quilt your birthday in a 16" x 20" quilt, then the best interpretation of a birthday in that month will be put together into an actual calendar.

How flipping cute is that?

You would think my December 22 birthday would mean I am already pulling out my reds and greens, but no way. As much as Jesus is my homeboy, this is about MY birthday, and we are to interpret such as creatively as we like. I'm already doing research and finding so many fantastic quilts that could be made from the news events of my special day, I know every other Squanicookie will be seething with jealousy.

How about an exploding shoe quilt to commemorate the arrest of the crazy nutjob shoe bomber? Or maybe a bunch of appliqued dead cows to celebrate England admitting that maybe they screwed up re: mad cow disease? No, definitely a better choice would be a fully bejewel-ited Bernie Goetz wrecking vigiliante justice on the NYC subway.

I'm thinking maybe December 22 isn't the most fantastic day ever to have to replicate. Where's the spirit of the season, people?

But you know I have some good ideas. I can hardly wait to start!


Sheila said...

That's gonna be one crazy beautiful calendar! Good luck....

Kelli Fannin Quilts said...

This sounds like loads of fun!!! :) Can't wait to see what you make.

LInda Pearl said...

I personally expect Jewel-it to make an appearance somewhere in your month. I agree, this is a brilliant challenge prompt.

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