Tuesday, February 7, 2012

DaGMT Day 7 - "One week in and my sewing studio is a mess"

It had to happen. I couldn't keep it neat forever. Certain people in my home would argue that I didn't even keep it neat for 5 hours, but I beg to differ and insist that there are many different definitions of "neat". My personal favorite is "without ice", as pertaining to happy hour.

Today's project involved leaving tiny bits of scraps and paper all over the sewing area. Yes, I paper pieced, something I rarely do, but now and then I find it kind of fun. Until I remember that I kind of suck at it.

I'm this week's designer in the "Summer Picnic" row quilt project over at www.patchworkposse.com, and so far the other two designers have both stuck with the watermelon theme. Not being a huge fan of summer, I really couldn't decide what to design my row with that would reflect any sort of longing for a season wherein I usually want to commit hari kari twice a day. A straightjacket just didn't seem terribly appropriate.

I decided on limes and lemons, because gin and tonics on the deck with Mr. Quilting Hottie and often some friends while the children run barefoot through the grass and for 10 second intervals at a time don't threaten to kill each other is one of the better parts of summer for me. I adapted a kaleidoscope pattern from EQ into paper piecing and today I put together two whole and two halves of fruit garnishes. I wish I could say I accomplished more, but see "I remember I kind of suck at it (paper piecing)" above as a reminder of why I didn't get more done.

Plus I was multitasking while putting them together, on the phone with a GS leader to bemoan certain aspects of our cookie sale. They aren't bad for multitasked fruit.

>But either way, I do have to get the whole row done tomorrow or I'm in deep doo doo as far as not being on track to get the instructions to Patchwork Posse on time. Everyone cross your fingers that tonight is NOT the night the stomach bug decides to strike our home.

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