Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Please think "50s music" not "way annoying mystery solving dog"

"Shoeby Dooby Doo"
EvaPaige Quilt Designs

Now and then the name for a new creation comes to me long before the actual design. And then the pressure is on...create something to fit or lose the fabulous name forever. This time it was a little bit a fabulous name popping into my head and little bit wanting to expand upon one of the applique shapes from "Once Upon a Time: Fairy Tale Puzzle Quilts" - the shoe block. Add in a little do-wop music courtesy of Pandora and here we are. Have I mentioned Pandora rocks?

Time and again at shows where my "Ode to Imelda" (and sorry, but that hands down is the best name for a quilt EV-AH!) mini quilt from the book is displayed, people adore it, but like all normal women, they want more shoes. They want heels. They want boots. They want flip flops. Some even want sneakers. And because I live to make quilters everywhere happy, I took their desires on as a challenge and created "Shoeby Dooby Doo", adding six new styles of shoe like "Here Kitty Kitty", "Kiss Me, You Know You Want To", and "Flip Flop Fling" to the already fabulous pump now named "Coffee, Tea, or Me".
Fun machine applique shapes to mix and match at will, the freedom to embellish however you choose, and it's fat quarter friendly! And if you follow the directions properly (which I know lots of you don't always do, and don't worry, I'm not judging), you won't even have to piece the backing! So get to sewing that fantasy shoe wardrobe for yourself or your favorite Imelda-esque friend.

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